Nadine Oosthuizen-Traylor is an internationally award-winning Concept Writer, Creative Director, and Digital Producer with extensive experience in both advertising and publishing. 

"Nadine has greatly contributed to the movement of creative excellence in storytelling. Her keen eye and ability to translate with words, what we may think ordinary, has brought a fresh perspective to the way in which the magazine now works with talent and brands."

- Jason Fine, Editor of Rolling Stone magazine

“Nadine has substantially contributed to the success and popularity of ELLE Magazine and her writing reflects the highest caliber of journalistic ability that may certainly be characterized as outstanding and preeminent in the field.”
- Jackie Burger, Former Editor-In-Chief of ELLE magazine

“In my capacity as Creative Director of Marie Claire I’ve worked closely with Nadine and became well acquainted with her outstanding talent as a journalist and her extraordinary ability to connect with her reader. Nadine possesses exceptional skills in interpreting a brand and providing both journalistic and graphic content that ideally captures the authentic brand experience for readers.”
- Anna Lineveldt, Former Creative Director of Marie Claire magazine  
Nadine has served in a leading capacity as a journalist for ELLE Magazine providing original content and feature pieces, acted as ELLE’s liaison with clients and business partners, and attending events together as members of the press (including fashion weeks and ELLE New Talent Search). It is my great pleasure to support Nadine’s extraordinary ability!”
- Chris Viljoen, Fashion Director of

"Nadine conceptualised ideas and wrote copy for several of our brands. Some of which has gone on to win at award shows. Nadine is a unique personality with great flair and style and has a vibrant creative mind." 

- Suhana Gordhan, Executive Creative Director of Duke Agency
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