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Interview: Magic Island



“My brothers and I were classically trained when we were younger, but my dad wanted us all to become educated professionals. I tried that life, it was boring,” recalls the Canadian-born, Emma Czerny. Considering she also told DWP she’s really a mermaid, we can see why instead, she moved to Berlin and started a band. And her band is magic, Magic Island.















DON'T WORK PLAY What are a few of your favorite things?

EMMA CZERNY: Nakedness, thunder storms because the city finally feels peaceful, I'm sick of the city, sweet treats- sometimes I go the whole day and realize all I’ve eaten is cake and its 10pm and I think, is it time for dinner or just dessert again?


DWP What/& who has inspired you lately?

Emma: Really my friends are the most inspiring to me. its fascinating and amazing to be close with other people to the point where their behaviors and decisions make you emotional. So thats cool. Also all the full moons, I get especially wild and erratic at these times and magical things happen. Musically, I have to say, the new TOPS is pretty bada$$. Damn.


DWP What was the last live show you’ve been to?

Emma: I think Dan Bodan and Touchy Mob? Touchy really blew my socks off, always does always will. But I've been too busy lately, haven't got to see as much as iId like...


DWP What were the life changing albums and sounds you grew up listening to?

Emma: The Moody Blues and Kate Bush


DWP Who are you listening to at the moment?

Emma: This Swiss band Exotica, lots of Ethiopian music and Mahamud Ahmed


DWP Which album would you consider a soundtrack to Berlin?

Emma: Somehow Leonard Cohen “I'm Your Man”. I've had a lot of intense, very Berlin experiences with a strange assortment of people to these tracks. Sean Nicholas Savage and my ex-boyfriend and I recorded a birthday song cover of “First We Take Manhattan” for Touchy Mob's birthday a few years ago.


DWP Describe your ideal weekend in Berlin

Emma: Starting at a cafe in Neukölln, the crew is always around Pannierstraße so you are sure to see all the friends if you are sitting on a terrace. Then maybe an epic jam session at the rehearsal space with all the boys. Cooking some dinner with my man at Studio 54. Studio 54 is a flat on Pannierstraße where a bunch of people live and friends are always coming in and out, so many silly things have happened there. Then just sitting at the spätkauf drinking 1€ beers until the early morning.


DWP If you could collaborate or perform with anyone, who would it be?

Emma: My real music dream was always to be the girl voice / sample in rap songs. So I would love to collaborate with someone more hip hop and sing some sexy oo ahhs over a dirty beat. Drake.


DWP Black magic or white?

Emma: White magic. Positive vibes only. But sometimes maybe a little Black when i'm feeling naughty.


DWP What can't you live without?

Emma: This necklace I have with two little charms. One tiny little mini heart locket that I found and one trashy big plastic crystal gem that Baby Blu found and gave to me. This necklace has broken 109237598 times, each pendant has been lost and recovered 1203958348 times, disappeared and been brought back to me... really its magical, it can never leave me or I’ll die.


DWP So, is this forever?

Emma: Nothing lasts forever, baby.

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