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Interview: Great Good Fine OK



There exists very little information on Great Good Fine Ok, the band, despite the immediately recognizable track “Not Going Home” and “You’re the One for Me”. Which really, is all a band needs, the recognition of their sound. But, here we tried to expand on this. With this.














DWP The quick intro:
GREAT GOOD FINE OK We are Great Good Fine Ok, a synth-pop band that lives in Brooklyn, and we love touring, tacos and dancing.

DWP The day you guys met:
GGFO It was love at first sight.  That reddish beard...the glasses, I knew we would eventually open a joint bank account.

DWP Something you’ll never tell anyone else:


DWP Great Good... expectations?
GGFO We just finished an EP that will come out in early Fall, and now we are writing and recording a full length!  Expect lots of new songs.

DWP Your current state of mind:
GGFO Grateful and excited! Everything and everyone inspires us, and I don't think that will ever change. Recently I've been inspired by the summer and the idea of making real life feel like a dream.

DWP What’s your music all about?
GGFO We always want people to experience and achieve whatever makes sense for them within their specific and unique lives. If a song can make someone feel joy or comfort or nostalgia, that's awesome, but we also think it's great if a song just makes someone want to dance or let go. If a song can help someone feel an emotion, or serve a purpose, even if it's just for a moment, that's as good as it gets.

Between the two of you who would be most likely to:
Rob a bank: Jon (but I would need Luke's help)
Become president: Jon
Beat the other in chess: Luke
Beat the other up: We are both pretty non-violent
Tell a lie: Never

DWP Your most rewarding thing about making music?
GGFO Hearing the ways people have benefitted from and enjoyed our songs. It is so humbling to get such nice messages from people all over the world. It truly makes us want to keep hustling. We just want to say thank you, and we'll do that by putting out more music and crazy videos.

DWP You’re listening to:
Jon PrincE
Luke Bobby Brown

DWP Is this forever?
GGFO Yes...although, nothing is forever...except, diamonds...Body Diamonds.  


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