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Interview: Basecamp

INTERVIEW BASECAMP by Nadine Oosthuizen


Your first instinct, when you hear a new sound, is to try to understand it by connecting it with another sound you know. And so, it sounds softly mysterious, it sounds like it’s building into EDM or lo-fi electronica, it sounds like R&B, it sound like Jamie Foxx, it sounds dark. But none of these comparisons matter in the slightest. They’re all correct as far as they go, but they’re only ways of postponing coming to terms with the fact that this sound is a whole new thing, a new sound that is not precisely like anything that anyone, including Jamie Foxx, has done before. And best of all, they’re from Tennessee, so let’s just call them by their name, Basecamp and let them do all the talking















DON’T WORK PLAY So, give us all the deeds:
BASECAMP We're called BASECAMP. We're from Tennessee. We make music we enjoy.

DWP Can you remember the day you all met?
BC Honestly, no. Haha, probably at some party years ago through some mutual friends. Didn't really become close friends until later on.

DWP Who inspired your music lately?
BC That's a big question. We've been listening to all kinds of music. We spend a lot of time combing through Soundcloud finding new stuff. I guess to name a few: Hiatus Kaiyote, The Hics, Taylor McFerrin, Psymun, Howie Lee and Twinztrack. The list goes on forever.

DWP Now about this self-titled EP, what’s the best part about it?
BC Best part was probably figuring out how we wanted to make the music. We didn't really go into the first EP with a specific direction or even the intention of making an EP. We were just messing around. So it was cool to see it develop and grow. Worst part was probably how long it took, but that wasn't even that bad.

DWP Explain the production process:
BC We kind of just sit around in the studio all day playing around. Experimenting until we get something we like. There's no real solid formula to it. We just start moving.

DWP Any big surprises with the way things turned out?
BC Since it was created over a long time, there weren't many surprises. Once we started a song, we could see where it needed to go pretty quickly.

DWP What should people experience when listening to your music?
BC Anything, really. I would imagine individual experience varies. Just as long as it has some kind of impact, that's our only hope.

DWP When would you consider the album a success?
BC Haha, not really sure. It was really awesome to see that it was well received by people. It definitely was more successful than we imagined it would be.

DWP What was touring with CHVRCHES like?
BC Really great! They're an awesome gang. We had a lot of fun and played some really cool venues.

DWP With that being said, what has been the ultimate best moment of being in a band? And off course the worst!
BC The greatest moments have probably been performing to people that like what we do. The worst part is spending a lot of time in airports!

DWP What can we expect next?
BC We're currently working on our second EP. Really excited to finish that up and get it out this fall.

DWP Is this forever?
BC Nothing is forever, but hopefully we get to do this for a long time.


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