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Interview: MS MR

INTERVIEW MS MR by Nadine Oosthuizen


It is T-minus three minutes till Ms Mr walks on stage, I’m sandwiched in infamous LA traffic, sweating and giving my friends the whole spiel, I do concerts solo and I’m never late. I’m not here to have fun, I’m here to write. Skip to the parking area, I jump out and speed walk into “Hurricane” filling up the entire park. My friends gets there minutes later, by now “Bones” are playing, “I’m so happy right now.”

“What did you say?” they ask.“I’M SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW!”, I shout.We all lived happily ever after.


DWP For those who missed out on summer, introductions please
MSMR We're MS MR, an alternative pop duo from New York City!

DWP Three things we probably shouldn’t know...
Lizzy Max takes his shirt off and walks around half naked for at least 30 minutes after every show!
Max Lizzy can remember every show we've ever played by what outfit she wore.
We're pizza snobs (that's what you get when you're spoiled by NYC pizza).

DWP Ms meet Mr
Max Neither of us have much formal training in music production, but funnily enough we met in an electronic music course that we both dropped after one semester even though it was a year-long class. But I remember seeing Lizzy walking around campus in spring, completely alone and grinning from ear to ear with red lipstick on. I thought, "I want to be friends with HER."

DWP Who plays you in a movie?
Lizzy A young Drew Barrymore.
Max Meryl Streep...she can play anyone.

DWP Where can we catch you getting your late-night music fix?
MSMR There are so many amazing late-night music spots in NYC! We've had many a drunken night at Baby's All Right, Westway, and Brooklyn Bowl, among many others.

DWP What is it about NYC you love so much?
MSMR We've often said if there were a third member of the band it would be New York - there's an energy here that we feed off of and find incredibly inspiring. It's a real mecca for young artists and there is an amazing amount of exchange and support. Not to mention neither of us are very domestic so having 24 hour delivery is pretty crucial.
DWP Tell us about writing the lyrics for Secondhand Rapture, what are some of the things you’ve drawn your inspiration from?
Max Lizzy generally works on the melody before the lyrics but she draws a lot of inspiration from literature (Ash Tree Lane was inspired by Danielewski’s House of Leaves and Dark Doo Wop was inspired by Kurt Vonnegut's Cats Cradle), philosophy, as well as past and new relationships (both with others and herself).

DWP Give us some of your FAVOURITES:
Fashion designers
We mostly buy from vintage stores, as well high street brands (Topshop, H+M, Forever 21, Zara etc) and online staples like Asos and Nasty Gal, but some of our favorite designers/labels are:
M Peggy Noland, Phlemons, Joyrich, Kenzo
L Chromat, Discount Universe, Reformation

NYC Restaurant
M Kuma Inn in the Lower East Side
L Ramen Ya

Band to perform with (dead or alive)
M Arcade Fire
L Yeah Yeah Yeahs

M Australia
L Berlin

DWP Is this forever?
MS MR Fingers crossed! We'll keep doing it as long as we keep loving it.



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