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Beauty Product Shoot | Mimi-Q

Mimi-Q is a beauty brand known for their wide range of beauty products in a wider range of colour because to them the most creative form of expression is through your own personal style. They make sure they offer a colour for any need. Therefor, with these 3 shoots we also played with bold colours, fun styling of props with various elements and materials. The goal was to create a pleasant and entertaining landscape for the viewer. 

Beauty Shoot_MimiQ_7.jpeg
Beauty Shoot_MimiQ_9.jpeg
Beauty Shoot_MimiQ_10.jpeg
Beauty Shoot_MimiQ_8.jpeg
Personal Work_Beauty_Mimi Q 2.jpeg
Beauty Shoot_MimiQ_5.jpeg
Personal Work_Beauty_Mimi Q.jpeg
Beauty Shoot_MimiQ_1.jpeg
Beauty Shoot_MimiQ_2.jpeg
Beauty Shoot_MimiQ_4.jpeg
Beauty Shoot_MimiQ_3.jpeg
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