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NYX: Paint Your Own Story

As a result of too many people feeling overwhelmed by the commodification of equity movements like Pride Month and Juneteenth, NYX wanted to show their shared frustration and support through the messaging in their 2022 Makeup Pride collection. Which, of course was to push products, but also part of a larger campaign to help increase the representation of diverse communities since 2020.

We teamed up with People of Crypto Lab to celebrate Pride in the Valley of Belonging in the Sandbox, to create a metadiverse NFT avatar collection inspired by NYX Professional Makeup looks. In addition, we created and sold a series of 8,430 digital NFT avatars at auction.

In the meta world, NYX hosted several virtual celebrations, including the first-ever metaverse Pride parade.

We also celebrated IRL with love from LA, where Professional Makeup had a month-long celebration of ‘‘Proud Allies for All” including a live mural painting from queer artist and muralist, Seth Bogart, a special partnership with TikTok sensation Saucy Santana. 

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