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PEPSI #ImpossibleToIgnore Campaign

2020. A year so packed with life-changing events we saw ourselves doing things beyond our wildest imaginations. Things that would forever mark this year as “impossible to ignore”.
We were also faced with a challenge: Sell 5 million cases of Pepsi. Without our regular ATL help, we literally had to think outside the box.
So how did we make a brand with 1.2% market share pop and jump into the hands of consumers in-store? We made the price the prize and made the prize #ImpossibleToIgnore!

Our highly successful #ImpossibleToIgnore campaign rolled out in-store, on radio, social media, DMs and interesting guerrilla tactics.


We kicked off with a million dreams, and made one come true – the million bucks sip challenge.
We enabled the greatest rivalry on African soil. Nadal vs Federer.
We turned living in isolation into one world together at home, with the Global Citizen Show.

We made retail theatre and new friends with drop-offs

We served up surprises and delights on Mandela Day.

We made sure we were always on, especially on fun national days that celebrated the little things in life. Little things that's #ImpossibleToIgnore

For our always-on content I also conceptualised and directed content for social media during 2020. Some of my favourite moments include: 

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